Future-proof Your Designs

Ultra Pillar

The next generation framing solution

Pillars and Connectors

Our revolutionary Pillar and Connector system delivers a novel framing platform for all of your innovations and is exceptionally compatible with existing systems


Our unique design allows different sizes of Pillars and Accessories to interoperate seamlessly as one system. No more compromises for inappropriate-size framings

Unlimited Accessories

We provide a wide range of accessories to empower endless possibilities to help our users conquer any future missions and challenges

We deliver more freedom and more reliability than any other options currently available


Customized accessories for the Ultra Pillar platform are easy and simple to design and manufacture, allowing users to create their own unique parts for every special task

Open Ecosystem

We have created an open design ecosystem which encourages participation between our users to share, comment, and cooperate on their design and functions


The Ultra Pillar system is fully compatible with existing systems such as T-slot extrusions, box trusses, ratchet straps, and all of the off-the-shelf accessories associated with these systems


We are committed to Reusability, Reparability and Recyclability for our users and for the environment