Ultra Pillar

Our Pillar-Connector system provides limitless possibilities for designers and makers from the professional to beginner level

The special-strengthened thread holes of Ultra Pillar give rigid and precise anchor points for accessories and connectors, with no unwanted sliding or wiggling movements

Revolutionary Ultra Pillar system is the reliable modular framing platform for all of your innovations and creative endeavors

Discover the reliability and versatility of the Ultra Pillar today


Ultra Pillar system currently deploys three different series: 30, 60, and 120, each having the same shape with only the thread pitch and scale difference

Its unique design allows different sizes of Pillars and Accessories to work as one system. Each Pillar can become the Accessory or Connector for another one, no more compromises for inappropriate size framings

More exciting series and versions are upcoming

Unlimited Accessories

Our solution is equipped with countless Accessories, providing  endless possibilities to help our users conquer any future mission or challenge

With more options than any other solutions on the current market, our product is not only versatile but also highly reliable, making it the best choice for your next project


The Ultra Pillar system makes the job unbelievably easy for the designers and makers

Every space, distance, and surface is designed to help our users customize their accessories. Our ultimate goal is to become a worldwide common language of structural engineering

Open Ecosystem

Yes, we commit to building an open ecosystem that empowers our users to design and develop on the Ultra Pillar Platform

We support our users by sharing our CAD files, development tools, and suggestions. Our online store provides various solutions at a reasonable price, but beyond that, we encourage our users to design and manufacture their own custom accessories (except our patent-protected Ultra Pillar and Connectors)

Can’t wait to share your genius design with everybody? Far Far Away Company is opening a market for our users and partners to sell their unique compatible parts and assembled products under the Ultra Pillar Platform


The Ultra Pillar system is developed to work with current framing solutions, such as T-slot aluminum extrusions and box trusses

By simply introducing the Ultra Pillar into your existing system, you will be able to achieve countless possibilities previous solutions could never reach


The Ultra Pillar System is reusable, repairable, and completely recyclable. We created this product to be a reliable and sustainable asset for our users, rather than a disposable, one-time use material

With our continuously updated expendable accessories pool, our users can trust the Ultra Pillar system in every upcoming task