Lean Tube

Seamlessly integrate widely used industrial tubes and unlock the power of 25+ unique functions

From 25mm-30mm for the 60 series pillar to 50mm-60mm for the 120 series pillar—customize your future with Ultra Pillar's superior design!



For secure fastening, Lean Tubes can be locked inside the pillar using screws that fit into the Ultra Pillar’s threaded holes



To bear the most extreme loads or impacts, users can also insert longer screws to block the movement of the Lean Tube inside Ultra Pillars


Perpendicular Mount

Just like the traditional mounting method for Lean Tubes, the Ultra Pillar provides external mounting option for quick and convenient installation with reliable strength

By locking onto the unique anchor point of Ultra Pillar, it eliminates undesired sliding or wiggling due to weak connections

No drilling or T-Nuts are needed!



In the Ultra Pillar Universe, users are able to use the traditional clamping method to interact with Lean Tubes

It offers a more sturdy mount compared to traditional clamping methods

Most importantly, no drilling or T-Nuts are needed!



28mm tubes with the flat-fin design can be quickly hooked onto the channel of the 120 Pillars, providing a quick-swapping function for the Lean Tube and Ultra Pillar interaction


Reliable Base Platform

Just like a reliable chassis, the Ultra Pillar provides a stable, trustworthy, and modular base for the Lean Tube ecosystem

As a base platform, it efficiently adjusts the height and center of weight for the entire system, offering superior strength, vibration absorption, and compatibility

This makes it ideal for casters, stands, and various other materials, effectively serving the user’s needs


T-Slot Adapter

By simply mounting short sections of Ultra Pillar anywhere in the system, thousands of existing T-Slot accessories are ready to be seamlessly integrated with Lean Tubes


Robust Support

Ultra Pillar can serve as a robust and reliable support for long-distance bridging or provide extra strength wherever needed in the Lean Tube system

Moreover, Ultra Pillar also offers countless options for securely interacting with other common hanging materials, such as ratchet straps, trusses, or chains, helping to ensure the rigidity and reliability of the entire system

Feature: Secure & Accurate Angle support

Ultra Pillar's unique JPC / RPC design offers strong, reliable, and accurate free-angle adjustment. Moreover, Ultra Pillar also provides the sturdiest fixed-angle support compared to similar products
  • Multi-material Compatibility

  • Unlimited Screw Hole Adapters

  • Robust Hooking Points

  • Superior Pivot System

  • Accessories Compatibility

  • AGV Friendly

  • Vibration Resistance

  • Precise Mounting

  • Enhanced Durability

  • Increased Load Capacity

Example: Heavy-Loaded Tabletop & Workstation

Need to add a heavy-duty tabletop or workstation to the Lean Tube system? Simply place your workbench on top of an Ultra Pillar!

Our users have countless ways to easily and quickly, yet securely, work with sheet materials of different thicknesses, even under conditions that are frequently impacted or vibrated!

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