By harnessing the structural strength of the Ultra Pillar in conjunction with Lean Tubes, we achieve a low center of weight and make the overall system lighter

Ultra Pillar provides exceptional adaptability for securely mounting T-Slot accessories, desktops, and pegboards, while Lean Tubes offer simple yet efficient adjustability

This design facilitates easy and fast assembly. Customization options, including sizes, desktops, drawers, and storage racks, are cost-effective and have short lead times

Flow Rack

In this design, the Ultra Pillar enhances the flow rack system's sturdiness and absorbs cargo impact while leveraging the convenience and cost advantages of Lean Tubes. For larger systems, it serves as a stable base, lowering the center of weight

Moreover, Ultra Pillar provides a precise and stable support for sensors, Karakuri interactions, and Automated Guided Vehicle (AGV) exchange stations even in vibrating or impacting environments, significantly reducing undesired failures or dislocations of the system

Portable Station

Our unique End Nuts and Caster Adaptors offer reliable M2-M20 screw holes, eliminating the need for extra drilling and machining. This allows easy adaptation of oversized casters or wheels, a challenge for other solutions

In this design, we present a
multifunctional platform tailored for professionals, featuring additional storage, a workstation desk, a foldable extension plate, and endless accessory adaptability—all in one easy-to-transport unit

The seamless integration with Lean Tube significantly
reduces the system's weight while retaining the rigidity and all the benefits of the Ultra Pillar

Working Cart

The ability to customize appropriate transportation methods economically is crucial for safe, efficient, and cost-effective industrial logistics

In this design, Ultra Pillar effectively serves as a stable chassis to bear the cargo load, leveraging the lightweight and economical advantages of the Lean Tubes system

Users can quickly adjust both Ultra Pillar and Lean Tube to fit their products and packages perfectly. Integration for workstations, drawers, accessories, and extra storage racks can also be done at a low cost and within a short lead time

Robotic Unit

Ultra Pillar provides a high-quality, accurate, and stable platform for modular industrial applications, especially for the integrations of sensor and machine vision functions

It offers exceptional adaptability and flexibility for precise customization to meet specific customer needs, seamlessly integrating with conveyors, Lean Tubes, flow racks, safety equipment, and other assembly line components to enhance workflows

The upcoming telescoping motor function will enable a broader range of movement than any other solution before

Triangular Booth

Ultra Pillar's unique octagonal shape empowers greater creativity:

Its secure 45-degree connectivity enables the creation of a simple and efficient triangular booth for various purposes, including demonstrations, store shelves, trade shows, and events. Users can combine units into a square display platform or a linear marketing aisle

Furthermore, seamless integration with the Lean Tube system allows for adjustable height and reduced weight of the booth while maintaining rigidity and a low center of gravity