Seamlessly integrate Ultra Pillar into your existing system unlocking 25+ unique functions beyond traditional T-slot capabilities

Don't miss out on immediate benefits! Unlock advantages while still enjoying compatibility with thousands of existing accessories and fasteners—seize the opportunity!
T-Nuts are not Essential:
Ultra Pillar cuts project costs by 20-30%, eliminating the necessity for T-nuts, thanks to its integrated anchor points
Tool-Free Solution:
Avoid heavy machining required in traditional T-Slot setups: Ultra Pillar offers professionally pre-drilled anchor points, suitable for on-site operations without specialized equipment
Consistent Precision:
Ultra Pillar's unique anchor point design ensures consistent and repeatable results, eliminating the need for manual marking. Installation becomes simplified, whether by users or robots

Free Channels

Traditional T-Slot users often find themselves needing to dismantletheir entire setup just to add basic accessories. The unique octagonaldesign of the Ultra Pillar includes additional channels, enabling usersto easily slide in accessories and manage cables without the hassle ofdisassembly

Moreover, our distinctive accessory, the Midway Entrance, offers users convenient access to these channels

Simple yet Efficient Accessories

While our users can still utilize thousands of existing T-Slot accessories, the unique built-in anchor points of the Ultra Pillar system offer opportunities for numerous simpler yet more efficient accessories

This naturally leads to significantly lower costs for Ultra Pillar users


The 60 series of Ultra Pillar is compatible with a wide range of accessories and fasteners designed for the 45mm, 40mm, and 1.5'' series of T-Slot extrusions

Due to the diverse offerings of T-Slot extrusions available in the market, it is recommended to verify compatibility by examining the CAD files of both the accessories and Ultra Pillar before making a purchase and assembling the components

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